Paragon Partition Manager 15 Home Crack With Serial Key

Paragon Partition Manager 15 Professional Program provide the best tools to separate the space, which will help you completely control and manage your hard disk! With growing hard drive capacity, the need for a rational division of space is becoming increasingly important. This simple tool is ideal for re-structuring your hard disk for optimal storage and more efficient.


  • Create, format, delete partitions. You will be able to create, format and delete partitions with a file system.
  • Express-partition. Create a new partition in the most appropriate place of a hard drive, format it, and then make it available in the system.
  • Move partition and resize them. You can move and resize the partition them on your hard disk.
  • Quickly resize partitions. Adding free space on one partition by utilizing the unused space of an adjacent partition (including partitions of Apple Boot Camp).

Protected mode

It’s recommended to use protected mode, which is enabled by default. In this mode, everything you want to do is first placed in a queue, with changes applied only after user verification. You don’t have to wait for an operation to finish before you can move on, since some operations can take time to complete. More importantly, you can go back one step at a time in case of problems, or to undo any changes already made.

Start for free

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Basic is a fully functioning version that contains a selection of key features so you can start protecting your computer right away. It includes basic partitioning to help keep your disks properly organized and functioning efficiently, as well as professional-grade backup to safely retain and restore data.

Paragon Recovery Media Builder

Hard Disk Manager also comes with full-fledged Paragon Recovery Media Builder to help correct most boot problems that might occur from logical errors, hardware malfunctions, or failures. Additionally, if your system becomes corrupted or compromised – including problems caused by malware or ransomware – you’ll be able to quickly restore full operability of your system and applications with minimal data loss.

Upgrade to premium

At any time, you can upgrade to the premium version which:

  • Covers up to three personal computers
  • Offers a number of advanced features
  • Includes premium technical support
  • Warrants discounts for other Paragon products

Resize partitions on the fly

Paragon Hard Disk Manager allows you to resize hard disk partitions on the fly to maximize available storage capacity.

Clean up media

When disposing of an old computer, it’s a good idea to first wipe personal data. Hard Disk Manager makes this task a snap by irreversibly destroying data stored on a device. Alternatively, you can opt only to clean unused space (in which case deleted files can still be restored), while keeping useful data intact. You may be surprised to learn how much data leakage occurs from the negligence of this simple rule.

Live transfer your systems and data

Suppose you want to change your old mechanical hard disk drive (HDD) to a fast new solid-state storage device (SSD). With Hard Disk Manager, you simply choose where you want Windows to be, and there it is, ready to run. You can even continue working on your system while Windows is being relocated! No manual operations or reboots necessary – just switch over when ready.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager 15 Features:

Basic partitioning

Create, format, delete/undelete, hide/unhide, active/inactive, assign/remove drive letter, change volume label. Moreover, it’s available file system conversion (FAT to NTFS, NTFS to FAT, HFS to NTFS, NTFS to HFS), file system integrity check.

Advanced partitioning

Split/merge, redistribute free space, change cluster size, convert to logical/primary. Edit sectors, compact/defragment MFT, convert to MBR/GPT. Change primary slots and serial number, connect VD, surface check.

Disk cleanup

Industry-class algorithms, shell integration, SSD trim, clear HDD/partition, clear free space, cleanup reports

Data Migration

Copy Partition, Copy Disk, Operating System Migration

Backup and Restore

Backup/restore system and data, single backup job, File Transfer Wizard

Backup automation

View/edit backup jobs, unlimited number of jobs.

Recovery Media Builder

Hybrid (uEFI and BIOS compatible) x32/x64 recovery environmen. Linux/WinPE bootable USB/ISO/PXE. Optional Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK). Automated Installation Kit (WAIK), driver injection, pre-mounted network connection during setup.

Title: Paragon Partition Manager 15 Home Crack With Serial Key
File size: 60.18 MB
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: Multiple languages


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